from within

surface illusions… real infrastructure We’re having our dining room floor joists replaced. It’s an interesting process here in the Lowcountry, where most homes have a crawl space instead of a basement. Our house is from the mid-60s. It sits on a brick foundation which sits on a concrete footing, and underneath the house itself is… Continue reading from within

different frequencies

finding yours A few days ago, someone said “love should be the frequency, not fear.” That’s correct, to a degree, but “love” is not enough. You have to have a spiritual center, a higher power as they say in AA, the frequency that brings you real peace. It took me 50 years to find mine.… Continue reading different frequencies

lifestyle choices

and their cumulative effects At my age, the joke about “getting old is not for sissies” has just become a mantra used for comic relief. Getting old is NOT for sissies. Things may slow down, and you may be fortunate enough to have a plan in place… …but that doesn’t stop the challenges. Even transhumanism… Continue reading lifestyle choices

Some old school skills may need revisiting

We were fortunate to be invited to a long-standing family tradition this week. It’s not our family, though they feel like it now. And it’s not our tradition, though we plan to add it to them, God willing, going forward. We were invited to a cane press. And since neither of us has ever seen… Continue reading Some old school skills may need revisiting