keep on truckin’

has a whole new meaning

I’ve always thought it would be interesting to be a long haul trucker. It seemed like the perfect independent job. You pick up something one place and drive it across America (or Canada or Europe) and drop it off. You carry your lodging with you, and you’re your own boss, pretty much.

Then from 2007 through 2019 I sort of did that. I applied for, got juried into, and then traveled to fine art shows all over the US. I didn’t have a big truck, but I had a big commercial van. I didn’t sleep in it, but I could have, and lots of artists do.

I drove to Texas once and even twice a year for many of those years. I drove to Oklahoma once a year from 2013 until I retired. Some years I went to Omaha. For a couple years I went up to Bar Harbor, Maine and Westport CT. The rest of the time I found up to 20 shows a year from Memphis to Raleigh, to Venice FL, Gulf Shores AL, to Atlanta, Alexandria and even Charleston.

It was fun. And I did enjoy the driving. For the first 10 years.

the mother road (C) 2017 CJS

I saw the southern and eastern US like I’ve never seen it before. I did a show near Bentonville AR and saw the Ozarks. I drove back and forth over the Appalachians, and up and down them. I studied the country from roads large and small. One show I stopped in New Orleans to visit an old friend on my way to Texas, and drove the pretty roads along the Gulf coast of Alabama, with sugar sand beaches on one side and antebellum mansions on the other. I saw farmland and pumpjacks and every sort of oddity you can imagine. I saw animals, and weird vehicles, accidents and extreme weather. I watched so many incredible skies unfold in front of me, I wished I had a video camera on my dash (years before dashcams, for the most part.)

My feelings about truckers were mostly positive. They were important. For the most part, they were safe and considerate drivers, and sometimes we were the only ones on the road.

I did not expect them to lead the new revolution. I wouldn’t have imagined that. Although, it’s not a stretch. Truckers are blue collar, down-to-earth, seen-it-all, seen all of the country and still love it. They fly flags, paint them on their cabs. Evidently a lot of them these days are vets, too. They know a thing or two about being independent.

And they don’t want to lose that.

They also have the perfect vehicle for a demonstration.

You can push people around, with shields and truncheons and pepper spray, but that is a little harder to do with tons of metal.

The Canuckians are trying. The majority of Canadians are on the side of freedom, but the government is trying to poison it all. Of course. Madame Trudeau, progeny of Fidel, is a dyed-in-the-wool member of the NWO cabal. The black-face-wearing Great Reset proponent doesn’t allow any discourse. It is NWOCommieCABAL all the way with that big phoney. And the truckers are calling “his” bluff.

Turdeau is so scared he’s pretending to have covid and is hiding in that “undisclosed location” Dick Cheney always fled to, “for the safety of his family.” His family? Someone is married to Justine? Poor thing. Does he have children? Horrors.

But, back to the truckers. Support them. Whether you are one of the vaxxed, a full covidian, or one of US — freedom is preferable to communism. And the only thing between the commieNWO and all of US right now is a thin line of those willing to stand up against it.

Whoever expected we’d be led by truckers?!

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