the 4th!

more than fireworks

This 4th of July has been interesting to watch unfold over the years.

It used to be a “given.” Everyone knew that the 4th of July was the “birthday of the republic.” Independence Day. The day we celebrated the unique freedoms of living in the best country in the world.

It was the day we celebrated summer, family, our country’s founding – and we did it all with hamburgers, hotdogs and fireworks.

No one questioned the 4th of July.

But they do now.

I read yesterday that the 4th of July is now “mainly a conservative holiday.”


No. It’s an American holiday.

But since many today cannot even define what a woman is; since Juneteenth has become official as the “black independence day;” since June has been designated “pride in deviant sex month” — apparently it is left to “conservatives” to honor OUR Independence Day.

Many black Americans are still butthurt because Obama told them they should be. Reparations and all.

Many deviants are literally butthurt and — unlike muslim countries where they would be stoned, hung or beheaded for their deviance — consider the USA to be “repressive” and “intolerant.”

Really? We just finished a month where naked men in bondage gear marched down streets in major democrat-run cities to “celebrate” pride in the sick puppiness of their lives. And to flaunt it in front of children, so that no one dares to look away.

That’s repression?

Our founding fathers, the scores of colonial American men (and women) who risked their lives every day so that you had the right to a democratic vote and real freedom, didn’t expect that to ever mean the right wear a strap-on dildo in a parade.

Is that crude?


Is pedophilia grooming of children by Disney wrong?


Is it wrong to segregate by race? Absolutely.

Then there should be no “black national anthem,” no “Juneteenth,” and no “Pride Month.” Because separating US by color and gender ideology is as racist as not recognizing those equalities.

Our country and our world are teetering on the edge of tyranny.

The people descended from brave patriot guerilla fighters are now wimps.

If July 4th is “now mainly a conservative holiday,” we are in big trouble.

Our freedoms are being eroded incrementally, daily. And no one has the cajones to stand up and stop it.

Now I am reading how marxist cities are slamming July 4th, “but come for the fireworks anyway.” What BS. These morons couldn’t do ANY of this marxist crap if they didn’t have the freedoms our forefathers fought for. Do they think they could dress like rainbow squirrels with strap-ons in CHINA???? How about their beloved Ukraine. I think not.

We have about 3 months of sanity left before all their scripted “hazards” kick in, and the soybabies will NOT be prepared for No food, No electric and No gaming. Trust me. Snowflakes are not ready to deal with the world their handlers are getting ready to unleash.

But, other than that — Happy Fourth of July Patriots! I’m happy to celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY. Let’s keep American FREEDOM another 246 years, shall we?!!!!

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