let’s get snarky

about the Trudeaus

Perhaps we should call them the Trudeaux. LOL

Look, I wouldn’t have given a flying fart about Justin Trudeau except that he’s turned into a full blown communist and he’s nominally in charge of the great big country to our north.

We used to think of Canada as a sort of USA “Lite,” with a French contingent and huge swaths of empty arctic tundra. The people were nice. Their money was easily interchangeable. Growing up in Maine, with family in northern New Hampshire, we knew lots of French Canadians. I had two aunts who spoke English with a French accent. And taught me my first rudimentary French, as well as how to make Tortiere.

I am 72 years old. I remember Pierre Trudeau. And I remember when he married Margaret, Justin’s mother.

Pierre Trudeau was the epitome of the Sixties (and Seventies). They didn’t call them the Swinging Sixties for nothing! Pierre was a little, stylish guy who partied with the Beatles. He spoke English as a second language, and made Canada officially bilingual. He was extremely successful and divisive, probably in equal parts.

He succeeded in separating Canada from the UK constitutionally, made abortion and homosexuality legal, and while he made French one of Canada’s official languages, he seriously alienated the Quebecois.

And then he married “flower child” Margaret Sinclair, who he met when they were both on vacation in Tahiti. Pierre had been a notorious “playboy” — as promiscuity was labeled in elite circles in those days — and everyone was amazed when he married.

Now, the “official” biographies of Pierre and Margaret have all been scrubbed of most of the scandalous stuff, but for those of us who actually remember it, they were what the paparazzi lived for – colorful, attractive, living the high life of the gliteratti and partying with other rich, famous, pretty people.

And the “official” biographies also claim that the Trudeaus didn’t meet their good buddy Fidel Castro until their first “official” trip to Cuba in 1976. But consider this:

when the truth isn’t scrubbed by Snopes and others:

In April 1971, the Trudeaus took a long “second honeymoon” all around the Caribbean. According to Wikipedia, they visited one island they declined to disclose. It is the only island they did not disclose. From Wikipedia:


Footnote 19 of the same Wikipedia article cites to a April 13, 1971 article from The Ottawa Journal. The article states that the Trudeaus were visiting an unidentified island in the Caribbean and wanted the press to give them privacy:

To be clear: they disclosed all the other locations they visited but asked the press for privacy when they went to the “unidentified” island. Come on.

Justin Trudeau was born 8 1/2 months later. In 1976, Pierre eagerly became the first NATO leader to travel to Cuba. He brought his wife. Before even leaving the tarmac, both Trudeaus were showing an unusual amount of familiarity with Fidel considering he was a national leader they just allegedly met. Within hours of their first official meeting, Margaret was photographed intimately touching and holding Fidel Castro with both arms. The Trudeaus announced they had become besties with the dictator and sang his praises during the height of his human rights violations.

Due to his age and lack of previous children, rumors began to spread that Pierre was infertile and that Castro and others were the biological fathers of his children. Perhaps that was unfair at the time. But then Justin Trudeau improbably grew up to look like this:

And this:

And this:

Not like this:

Pierre Trudeau, who is 4–5 inches shorter than both Fidel Castro and Justin Trudeau

The above is from an article in MEDIUM by Karen Liebowitcz LINK

Then there is this, about Fidel’s oldest son’s suicide note, wherein he refers to Justin as his “brother.” LINK

See, here’s the thing: history is being re-written by the globalists, the way they want it. They scrubbed the Obama’s past clean. They turned Ted Kennedy into a saint, conveniently sidestepping Chappaquiddick and and decades of slobbering drunkenness. They refer to Margaret Sinclair as a “flower child” She was a drug addled groupie. She can re-write her own history all she wants, and she can blame it all on being bi-polar. But she was a wanton hussy. She slept with everyone!

And evidently, so did Pierre. In fact, he was such a womanizer that his “handlers” were undoubtedly counseling marriage as a way of keeping the newly popular paparazzi at bay. Margaret Sinclair, the “flower child” who didn’t believe in any conventional institutions, probably seemed like the ideal partner. Pierre probably assumed she would partake in his own ménages, and they could keep their sexual proclivities secret.

He didn’t count on her drug use and disco days. And no, they weren’t called the Swinging 60s because of dancing. Pierre and Margaret may have soft-pedaled the partying in later years but we watched it play out in real time, and I, for one, didn’t forget.

I was also a young wife in 1971. My then-husband and I were living the “flower child hippie lifestyle” ourselves, on the campus of the University of Florida, and I assure you “open marriage” was in everyone’s vocabulary at the time. These were the days of “Love the One You’re With,” in all its manifestations. We were not immune. Drugs and especially birth control drugs, made everything easier and more acceptable.

Our parents had had to be very careful with sex. Before the era of birth control pills, birth control had 3 options: abstinence, condoms, and “pullout.” I know that is crass and crude, but it was reality. Birth control pills changed all that. No “sexual revolution” would have happened without them.

Now, also remember, that Pierre was an early advocate of reforming homosexual laws. Just keep that in mind and picture that clandestine trip to Cuba……

Now, consider this: Fidel Castro, who famously never left his island, attended Pierre Trudeau’s funeral. Think about that. He didn’t attend Nikita Krushchev’s funeral, and Krushchev had saved his ass. And when Fidel died, Justin gave him a glowing eulogy, the only western “leader” to do so.

I know all the “fact-checkers” insist that Margaret and Fidel didn’t meet until the first “official visit” in 1976. But I know the media lies and SNOPES lies more than everyone.

Long before I started seeing internet “rumors,” when I first saw a picture of an adult Justin (who, by the way, I didn’t even know existed, much less the other two sons) — I saw Fidel Castro in that face, and remembered all the lovey-dovey pix of the Trudeaus and the dictator over the years.

But that’s just me.

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