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finding yours

A few days ago, someone said “love should be the frequency, not fear.”

That’s correct, to a degree, but “love” is not enough. You have to have a spiritual center, a higher power as they say in AA, the frequency that brings you real peace.

It took me 50 years to find mine.

Well, the best one for me.

(And I’m still polishing the rough bits on my end of it.)

I tried random frequencies for a long time. Always the search for the place without problems, the bliss where there is no strife. It’s what what everyone seeks subconsciously. It’s that door in our dreams that we can never quite get to. Or open.

All that searching slowed me down in actually finding the answer, though.

I tried a lot of things. Travel, adventure, wild abandon, drink, drugs, oddball beliefs, sailing, surfing… all the different frequencies that tone down the weirdness of reality for awhile. Take you outside who you think you’re supposed to be. Just long enough to feel less stressful.

We all have our reasons for seeking escape.

Until we find God. Then we just seek Him. It’s much, much easier. All of it is after that. Even the hard parts. But I can’t convince you. No one can.

You absolutely have to work through all the crumby, awful, ugly things yourself, before you realize that the only comfort is there.

The world around us is challenging. Probably more so than I’ve ever seen it, and I’m old.

We have almost no idea where the rules and the road maps went.

Everything seems to have fallen in on itself, and many people are fearful. There’s been a floating, random anxiety since early in 2020 when the planet was shut down.

Random floating anxiety is never a good thing. When everyone around us has it, (in varying degrees depending on how much news or social media they consume) well…..it’s really not a good thing.

What do you offer as encouragement to young people, who see a world of little promise and much danger?

Perhaps that is how it always looks to the young, but certainly some eras have held more hope than others.

It is understandable that people begin to despair these days. They’ve spent the last two years under the dark cloud of lockdowns, closures, losses, sickness. And now we are pushing into a climate of war and biological war, and it feels even worse.

Plus, the world is a much, much smaller place. If we didn’t know that before, the virus made it clear.

What happens in a former Soviet bloc country now, has quicker and more world-reaching implications than, say, a proxy war in southeast Asia in the 1970s did.

Alphabet agency biolabs in 25 countries around the world. And those are our guys. Imagine what the other guys are doing! (Of course, none of us asked them to do that, or even knew it was happening…..and they are doing it in our name with our money!)

Very scary, indeed.

So, it’s important to find your frequency. The good place where you can look at this stuff, analyze your options, and the way you will deal with your own situation in light of the scary circumstances around us — and still be okay. Without drowning in jello shots, say. Or whatever your “reality softener” is.

I recommend talking with God. I’ve been recommending it for years now. You still get the same stresses and strains, but you know God can handle it, and you can lean on Him.

My devotional often suggests that we thank God for the hard parts — which is more than counterintuitive –then put them in His hands, and let go.

That’s hard too!

Letting go.

Most of us grew up in a take-charge world, where enough effort and enthusiasm could fix almost anything.

That is no longer the case. We can’t even see most of it through the smoke and mirrors any more. So letting go of the tough stuff and handing that off to God is pretty much all we can do.

Only God can sort it out.

He won’t always give us the answers. At least the answers we want to hear. But He will give us the comfort we are seeking.

When I find myself worrying about something, I picture myself as a small child, and I reach up for the Father’s hand. I don’t even have to look up. I just reach out, I can feel His huge strong hand grasping mine, and we continue forward. (I can’t see God in this picture; I just sense Him — and He’s huge! Bigger than the biggest superhero.)

It may start getting nautical, and we need to be prepared.

We prepare in a number of ways. But first is a question: What’s the worst that can happen? We die. That’s always the worst that can happen. And it always could, from the day we were born.

game of thrones (C) Carol Joy Shannon 2017

So facing that first, and always, takes some of the angst out of things.

But taking God’s hand to walk forward is a choice that leads to heaven. And that takes all of the angst out of everything! What’s better than that?

Trust God and be fearless.

That’s my frequency.

the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and bring you peace

Numbers 6:24

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