word of the day is hubris

it’s when you think yours doesn’t stink

In our house we have shorthand for this. We call it “ship/lighthouse.”

It goes like this. A ship is headed into port and sees another light in the opening of the harbor. The ship radios for that vessel to move out of the way. It gets no response and radios again, a little peeved. “Get out of my way! I have the right of way!”

The “vessel” replies something to the effect of “well, we’re a lighthouse, so….”

That’s sort of what happened to Neil Young this past week in his efforts to have Joe Rogan kicked off Spotify, because Joe has had several guests on, like Dr. Malone who invented the mRNA vaccine technology used in the experimental jabs, but believes the jabs themselves are should not be mandated because they are experimental. You know, science. But not Neil Young’s science. Young’s “science” is the Fauci script and only the Fauci script, and unvaxxed to the concentration camps. That’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” these days to the “woke” Canadian.

So Neil told Spotify that it was him or Joe Rogan. Plain and simple. Either Joe goes or he goes.

Neil has 6 million Spotify followers. Joe Rogan has 200 MILLION.



Neil got Joni Mitchell to join him, though. So two whiney voiced ungrateful Canadian commies have to find somewhere else to sell their whiney woke music.

No schadenfreude or anything. I have actively disliked Neil since Southern Man, and Joni since that awful parking lot song, a harbinger of wokeness to come. Music aficionados need to find two different altars at which to worship, or just listen to a Joe Rogan podcast, I guess.

Another lovely example of hubris comes in the form of Fidel Castro’s son, Justin Trudeau, the supposed “prime minister” of Canada. After labeling the truckers’ convoy a bunch of “racists and right wing extremists” and a “small fringe group” – he was confronted with 50,000 trucks in Ottawa, hundreds joining daily, millions of Canadians coming out in the frigid weather to support them, and the whole movement inspiring others the world over. The Canadian people have fed them, fueled their trucks, greeted them by the thousands and raised $8 million to keep it going.

He claimed “covid” and ran away. Honestly.


Even Rachel Madcow is “taking a break.” She needs some “me time.” Sure.

It’s fascinating. These leftist loonies have nothing but yes-people around them, telling them they are the best, the greatest of all time, and the whole world agrees with them.

Then they demand that the annoying little vessel move out of their way.

“…well, we’re the lighthouse, so…”

25% of the current population of North America proudly calls itself “liberal.” Ship.

The other 75% are either independent or conservative.


That new math probably sees this differently, though. Ask Cher. Or Debra Messing or Whoopi. Whoopi had the temerity to claim that the holocaust was not about race. Books help too, Whoop. With the math and the science, and the history.


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