We don’t get much winter here in the Lowcountry. It’s a few days at a time, and it usually warms up to the high 60s and low 70s in between.

But every few years there is a winter where the ugliness from the arctic sweeps low and tried to stick around. 2011 was like that. During SEWE that year, we watched College of Charleston kids have snowball fights in Marion Square, and snow was drifted on the Ravenel Bridge.

In 2017 there was a very long stretch of cold, several weeks, culminating in a snowstorm in the Lowcountry that left 6 inches on the ground for days. It was unlike anything anyone had seen for decades. We were sure we’d lost a few of the otherwise-coldhardy sago palms, but they survived and bounced back. And my long-suffering Key Lime tree, which had been in the ground and thriving for several years, showed us how an heirloom root growth tree survives.

This year has been a weather year already. Crazy winter tornadoes have ripped up the Ohio River Valley, flattening towns in Kentucky and Tennessee. There has already been a snow and ice storm this week that affected parts of South Carolina which rarely experience that sort of thing.

Now, this weekend, again, we are prepping for another storm. As we speak, my husband is clearing out detritus from last weekend’s wind. We only got 2″ of rain with that storm, but the wind knocked down trees and power and our back yard is paved in tiny branches from the live oak. One of our precious back live oaks lost a big top section, and that hasn’t even happened in hurricanes.

So, it’s one of those winters, I guess.

Even Cat Bodeen came early to the porch today. He patrols the neighborhood all day and usually shows back up at dusk. He likes having the various safe sleeping areas the back porch offers, but he likes to wander freely until the last possible minute. Except for weather days, and he’s got a very good instinct about those. Today he showed up at 3 pm, so I expect it to start precipitating soon.

I have some theories about the weather. They are not happy normal theories. I believe the despicable NWOcabal will do anything to create fear and effect control. I do not believe they are above attempting to manipulate the weather. KingGates has spoken of it publicly, as a “theory,” of course. But the “pandemic” was a theory too. Event 201 was just an “exercise,” they said.

Watch the weather. I have for over 65 years. I’m a former sailor who grew up on the coast if Maine, with a self-taught grandmother who showed me things like sun dogs, and cloud phenomena. I’d like her spin on it. Tornadoes where there never have been, weird squalls; random extreme floods, in odd urban areas only; site specific “wild fires” which only destroy houses…..some of us are watching more closely than ever.

You’re welcome to dismiss the tinfoilhatprophets. My husband does. They dismissed Galileo too, as a heretic nut. And he wasn’t dealing with a global cabal seeking domination of all. Have you seen the holograms the Chinese can do? Keep your eyes on the skies. They are promising aliens.

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