the twilight zone

is falling apart

And not a moment too soon

The world’s Number One tennis player was refused a VISA to play in Nazi Australia, where the unvaxxed are put into camps. He has become a world hero for having the integrity to give up his chance at breaking a world record. He has won in Australia 9 times. But he is an Orthodox Christian, has had Covid twice, and decided his own life was worth more than another championship. SPINE

Boris Johnson, on the other hand, has blown the UK lockdowns and mandates wide open and basically said it is all a lie. No masks, no passports, no mandates to vaxx or boost. Why? Because it’s clear he will lose a vote of confidence and he’d be out on his heels. NO SPINE but GREAT RESULT!

Our hologram of a fraudulent “leader” is doubling down, telling corporations to ignore the Supreme Court! TOTAL FRAUD, never a spine in evidence.

NOW it is up to the rest of US to follow through and not allow the NewWorldOrder to win. It will not be easy. But there is no future if we don’t.

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