is it Groundhog Day?

or just beginning to feel repetitive?

Back in late 2019, I was reading a lot in The Epoch Times about crazy goings on in China.

By the end of January 2020, nearly everyone had heard murmurings about some kind of rare new illness.

By the middle of February 2020, the first cruise ship had been turned away from several ports and was steaming into a lockdown in Japan.

By March of 2020, his royal assness “doctor” Fauxi was saying we all needed to stay home for “2 weeks to flatten the curve.” Old people were dropping like flies in northern Italy (where there is a huge Chinese presence in their manufacturing – “Belt and Road” initiative), and Brits were so terrified they were locking themselves down.

Fast forward to the same time period a year later, 2021 and we have the roll out of the first “vaccines.” Everyone has to get them or none of them will work. This is a logic never before applied in the history of “medicine” but, millions fell for it.

Some of us were leery. Many of us asked questions. Where did these so-called vaccines come from? How did they turn them out so quickly? Why did we ALL have to get them?

We were in YEAR one of the “2 weeks.”

Fast forward to 2022: 60% of Americans have been jabbed. Almost 80% of Americans have also had at least one variant of the “disease.” People have died, but not FROM Covid, just “with” it. So, if you had lung issues, you got a bad case of Covid and may have been hospitalized. If you were, you may not have survived the treatment. Nonetheless, people continued to line up to be jabbed and tested and tested and jabbed.

Now all of US have had one COVID or another, or like our neighbor, all of them, in varying degrees of intensity. We are all still here.

In the Northeast, where FEAR is apparently a big thing, everyone who’s gotten Omicron (“variant”) is double jabbed and boosted.

They are now beginning to ask the right questions.

DO NOT COMPLY. This is a mass formation psychosis to subjugate the people of the WORLD. If we do not comply, they cannot succeed. It’s as simple as that.

Stop with the FEAR already! Stand up and resume your lives. Take off the useless masks. Stop kow-towing to the ridiculous mandates.

I am in my 70s with many healthy issues. I haven’t worn a mask since April of 2020. I am still here.

Grow a pair.

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