watching from the sidelines

Part Deux

It’s Sunday. SO the first thing I’m going to say is Get Right WITH GOD. Find a way to find God. Now. Today. This morning.

It’s getting that serious. Everywhere.

God doesn’t want a lot from you. He wants you to admit you have sinned. There’s not a person on the planet who has not sinned. And even though the catholics, and probably the mormans and others, may divide them into “levels” of sins — walk past that doorway and directly to saying you’re sorry for them. Not the catholics — the sins.

Because we’ve all sinned and continue to sin, in various ways and “levels of.” No one hasn’t. You can see where you’ve screwed up a few times, and it didn’t turn out the way you wanted. You sort of “heard” the right advice and ignored it. Whether it came from God or your best friend who’s more grounded than you, you got both sides and chose the wrong one.

Get over it. If you’re as old as I am you can see the pattern, and realize how much time you wasted being your own hard-headed individual self.

You don’t need gods. None of that stuff. That’s for pussy-footed scaredy cats. You’re YOU!!! You’re smarter than that. You don’t need crutches, or anyone’s help.

Stop now, because there is no longer any time for that. The world is at a tipping point and you’re going to have to get right with God.

At the risk of sounding like a tinfoilhatprophet, the SHTF moment is upon us, kids. We’ve all got to make the choice — and it’s not politics. It’s not social stance. It’s not even religious.

The choice is between GOOD and EVIL.

Ever see the old cartoons where the character has a choice, and there is an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other?

The whole world is like that right now.

And it isn’t funny.

And it isn’t alarmist conspiracy theory, either.

Which side we all choose is very important.

Because the devil isn’t a humorous red cartoon character arguing the bad boy choices.

The devil is real and fighting for his realm, all around us — and the fight has gotten more intense. The minions in the world of pedophilia are being exposed. Satan’s social justice warriors are being thrust into the light, along with all their greed and duplicity. Even the so-called “news” is now revealed to be a tool of tyranny.

Standing on the sidelines will not be an option going forward.

In the summer of 2019 it was written in my heart that “Christians would soon have to take a stand.” At the time, with world politics the way they were then, I assumed that the muslim element of the left was going to try to crush us. In a way, that’s still true.

But we are all in much bigger trouble now.

The entire world is teetering between choosing to take that stand, for natural rights and freedom — or submitting to tyranny.

Because when you give up your right to stand up, you can’t get it back. You are under the yoke of the evil until something bigger than all of us can break it.

You can never comply enough to get out from under that yoke. That is what true slavery is – you no longer have the freedom to choose freedom. You choose slavery when you choose evil.

But evil is the easy choice. It is much easier than fighting, well, anything. You choose the path that looks like fun. Not the difficult path. Why would anyone choose that?

It’s much more fun to be among the cool kids. The ones with the fabulous lifestyles, the great clothes, the social life and circles of admiring friends. No one is going to look at the straightshooting godfearing goodytwoshoes that way. So, you want to be the cool kid. It’s sketchy and risky to take a real stand. The cool kids might think you’re even nerdier than they already do.

Believe it or not, there are people around you who are still making decisions on that basis. In adulthood. Because it’s SO much EASIER to CONFORM.

It’s like the pharmapoisons we talked about the other day. The Fear Factor. But let’s not digress.

That shiny stuff that “everyone” is drawn to is evil. Satan. Embodied all around you by his servants: Lying about … well, everything. From the efficacy of medicines, to lying about spying on you, and stealing power in formerly free countries around the world. Have no doubt that evil is incarnate in millions who have chosen it.

Because you have to choose it. Just like you have to choose God.

The side effects are better with God, but Evil is the easy way and the most attractive. Good is harder and not as glamorous.

Doing the honest thing may still result in pain, suffering. All the choices end with death. But integrity and faith are always the best choice. Because then you don’t fear it. You’ve done the right thing, to the best of your ability, and you have faith in God’s promise of eternity.

roam (C) caroljoyshannon 2018

There is a reason there is a social construct, or cliché, about a “leap of faith.” You have to look past the fear to make it.

It wasn’t easy to tame the frontiers 200 years ago. But people were willing to do it for freedom. It often required a leap of faith, and courage to hold your ground.

It was hard.

The easy way dresses up in beautiful costumes and promises instant pleasure.

It really is as simple as that.

Choose well.

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