watching from the sidelines

may be the best place to be

The world is getting crazier by the day and it’s hard to know what is real – except God and nature.

Even food can be fake. I bought a couple cans of “tuna” a few months back that contained no fish at all. The cat wouldn’t even eat it, and he’s a feral who sleeps on the porch.

So, news and what is really happening around us is subject to change at any time. But may not be real to begin with. A lot of it they now call “disinformation, misinformation and malinformation.” Really. What is it that is being labeled with those terms, by the way?

“Who’s gaslighting who?” in other words — and all over the world.

Commidems use Alinsky tactics of projection, accusing patriots of the things they are actually doing. So the nazis are not the people shutting things down, it is those who want to live our lives.

Doctors and officials follow scripts that kill US, as if they were automatons, for the MONEY, regardless of their oaths to protect US, and — in the case of “officials” – our country.

Russians are moving ordnance around the edges of Ukraine, and punking the globalElite, building and taking down bridges, appearing to move troops “out,” but actually moving them closer, playing a combination of chicken and trojan horse. Deception.

Projection: Justine Castreau labels Canadian patriots terrorists because he is literally and heavily invested in the jabs. And if too many Canadian patriots realize that, he’s toast. So drum-circle, trash-collecting, homeless-feeding patriot truckers have to be arrested “for the greater good.” This is termed “protection” of their countrymen, from a flamingWEFNWOpuppet.

Brandon labels American parents terrorists because he is a Xi puppet, and, working under the talented sorosmediamatters team led by BHO, and heavily invested in turning US into a marxist brand, ruled by them, and WEFNWO, of course. Parents (and people of faith) are dangerous because they ask questions.

No questions allowed during projection/diversion.

Killery Hinton labels the Durham probe a lie because she purchased the psyop used to discredit and take down President Donald J. Trump (elected twice by US, the second time in a resounding and overwhelming way.) And if anyone takes the REAL evidence seriously, the entire game is exposed. She was only a cog. Not even a bright one. Just the one they had groomed, who was willing to submit, for the money.

They are ALL in it for the MONEY, and the POWER. They have been working on the plan for much longer than most people realize, and if you go down even a few of the rabbitholes of IntelligenceMedia$$$launderingPowerplayers… well, you’ll be a #tinfoilhatprophet, too

benediction (C) 2017 caroljoyshannon

If you are a pureblood who saw through the psyop of the plandemic, YOU are a terrorist for being unvaxxxxxd, and not complying “for the good of all.”

They planned for you. They had the lie ready.

If you are vaxxxd and jabbbbbd and lining up for the HIV tests now — and don’t see ANY of this?

If you’re that person……you’re gonna love BraveNewWorld.

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