strange and wonderful things

the house on the Combahee (C) 2022 Carol Joy Shannon

comments on the unusual, disturbing, and humorous

There’s a coyote in the neighbor’s bedroom, and a murder trial up the road.

There’s a near-Chernobyl in Ohio, and a powerful revival at a small college in Kentucky.

Weather and natural disasters may be neither.

wait, what? (C) 2015 Carol Joy Shannon

Our precious children and grandchildren are being jabbed with poison and poisoned with toxic cultural dissonance. They are being taught that whatever they were born with, or as, is wrong. Even while they are being told to respect themselves no matter how weird or anomalous they are.

Satan displays at the Grammys, and Jesus is the talk of the Super Bowl.

It’s a fast world and getting faster. No one is untroubled, and everyone registers the shifting balance.

Good and evil are hammer and tongs right now, and evil thinks it’s winning. When teachers flaunt deviance and world leaders are actors; when everything out of Hollywood is overwrought with social sermans, and unwatchable, and music is created with machines…..seems like End Times to me…

(Sing that to the tune of that old standard, “Seems like old times…..” here’s a great link to remind you how it goes.

Just some light-hearted musings for a Sunday afternoon.

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