the long game

trust and faith, with some research for answers when needed….

I’ve been tending tropical plants for as long as I can remember. Tending, because you don’t really “grow” them. They seem to be like cats – they bloom when they decide to bloom. Not because you think it’s time. Many of them only play the long game, and some might not bloom again until after you’re gone.

So you have faith, as you tend them.

it looked like this when I bought it, but after that, THIS bloom took 2 years!

My sister says prayers are like that. She says the prayers of our fathers are just as significant as the proverbial “sins of the fathers.” When my own grandmother’s prayers for all of us can resonate down the decades since her passing, and bless my grandson? That’s the long game.

Not everyone understands the implications of our daily decisions in affecting the future.

Many people believe they have no affect on the future at all. Unless it is to destroy the present. Or become a celebrity.

But that Asian adage about the butterfly? It has implications which transcend time.

Playing the long game implies expectations.

A lot of us who are old people today didn’t think we should have those. Coming of age a half a century ago, when things looked almost as bleak as they do today — our expectations didn’t get us past 30!

And yet, here we are.

So if you actually did play the long game, and had expectations 50 years ago, you may be well prepared for the brave new world we are getting set to enter.

Or you may be no more prepared than the rest of us.

Many people today don’t see ahead far enough to even stock a pantry for next winter.

My faith in God instills my need to prepare and provide for those I love, and others who may need help. Jesus said we should care for others. (The Mormans took that one to heart, especially. But then they were run out of places and lived in the desert, so….)

But there are the people of faith who seem to think that preparations for disaster are a sign you have no faith. That’s ridiculous. That gets filed under the flood/rescue boats/heaven “no thank you, God will save me” analogy.

There are even more people who refuse to look ahead at all. The last couple of years have been so bad, you know, we’re doing the best we can….we just don’t know what’s next….

Well, we kinda do.

The script has been available to the public from the World Economic Forum for several decades, revisions too.

So, what’s next involves people being hungry. Even in America. And in the rest of the world there will be food riots. It is intended for the final demoralizing fear factor.

Presumably we will all bow down then, and beg for the NWO to save us.

If the actual, now-unavoidable, food shortage is not enough, they have power grid hackings and other failures ready in the wings.

So, don’t say you didn’t know. Because even if you watch Fox News, you are being fed the agenda. They telegraph it with what they condition you to see. It’s like grooming. It comes naturally to deviant evil puppets.

And they definitely play the long game.

Fauxi started the path to the pandemic over 30 years ago…

Klaus Schwab formed the World Economic Forum at Davos decades ago…

Gate’s father once ran Planned Parenthood…

The die were cast in the forming of the United Nations, the CIA, the Pilgrim Society, the Federal Banking System….they ALL play the long game.

So, who do you trust?

As for me and my house, we will trust the Lord. And stock the pantry.

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