are you ready?

or are you waiting to be saved by a miracle?

Because, as my husband likes to say, “hope is not a strategy.”

We are watching the entire planet morph into tyranny, following a script that has been telegraphed in all its parts.

The next part is global famine.

That will open the doors for the invasion of the starving hordes, into Europe from Africa, and into North America from South America and the Caribbean (with the warrior hordes shipped from the Middle East, blending in at the borders.)

The civilized countries — and I very much mean that, political correctness be damned — will be overrun by the starving hordes, barricaded in homes and communities, preserving what they can in the face of what will likely look like all those dystopian movies before we’re done.

The barbarians are at the gate….

It does NOT have to happen that way. But as long as we allow the NWO to go forward with their UN/WHO/SorosSchwaubSCRIPT – there is no coming back.

We are ALL at a CROSSROADS for the PLANET — we need to STAND UP and SAY IT OUT LOUD, and then formulate the steps to take our freedoms back.

It is NOT too late. Yet.

But it is getting that way fast.

Those of us blessed to live in red states, and in places where we can grow food much of the year, still have to contend with people like Bill Gates trying to ruin the climate for growing…and we will have to protect ourselves, and what we have, from the tens of thousands who will flee cities everywhere. When your own people are hungry you feed them, but when people have chosen an irresponsible and careless path, and have padded their hysterical numbers with undocumented thousands….it could get a little ugly in places.

It was never my intent to be the voice yelling in the wilderness, but it seems as though much of the western world is so complacent that only “one in five” will be even marginally ready for what is to come this summer and fall, in terms of food shortages and other crises.

(I chose the “one in five” statistic because that is the number that BHO informed us chose NOT to get the experimental jab –his royalHighness implying all of this is because of US — I figure we are also the people who are prepping. One in five households. Not good math if the same numbers apply.)

But, if you believe the pResident – inflation is good, giving our oil reserves to Europe and our money to Ukraine are good, and that a wide open border allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented, fighting age men into our heartland is also good — well, there’s nothing I can say to make you believe otherwise.

Just don’t say you “didn’t know.”

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