why we’re there….

and what’s next?

I hate to always be the voice of doom and gloom, but there is some serious shit coming down the pike, and it’s better to be a little concerned about it than to be blindsided by it when it hits.

The sad thing is that it is being done to us and in our name, and we really have had nothing to do with any of it.

Unless you count being asleep at the wheel.

So, why are we in Ukraine, you might ask. Well, we’re not actually there, but we might as well be.

Let’s step back in time….

For several years, since it was left by a drunken, high, VPs son in a repair shop, the “conspiracy theorists” have said that Hunter’s “laptop from hell” was much, much worse than people could imagine.

Since it was evident ole H was a deviant, and clearly buzzed at all times, most people were right to imagine that there was very disgusting stuff on it. Child porn. Porn in general. H showing off his drug thin body and whining to whatever friends he had left. Falling asleep in the bathtub with a crackpipe in his mouth. Those were the things that leaked out early. The salacious stuff.

But the Ukraine connection to H was also on display without the laptop. So, what would emerge from that? Did he use the laptop for “work?” Or was it just full of stomach churning satanic excess?

Thanks to Jack Maxey, holed up in an undisclosed location in Switzerland, we now know that he did, indeed, use the laptopfromhell for work. Or, at least what constituted “work” for H.

They found over 100,000 emails on their first pass, and more recently found that number again. It took almost 2 years to sort through the first group. Jack Maxey published them for all to see and read ourselves. There is a lot to take in. In the hundred or so that I skimmed – that’s maybe 100 out of 100,000 – there seemed to be a lot of thanking H just for showing up, if only on zoom. They gave him talking points, and while that may not seem to be that unusual in business, shouldn’t H be able to speak for himself about their product? “Heinz” shows up in the emails too. And Devon Archer, who seems to be more “in charge,” and who supposedly is singing as we speak.

Ukraine is woven throughout. It’s not for nothing that we are on the verge of, if not into, WWIII because of Ukraine, and the laptopfromhell documents dozens of reasons.

Metabiota is the password to war.

We #tinfoilhatprophets knew there would be more “sickness” down the road. Bill Gates practically promised “another pandemic.” What we didn’t know about, until the Russians exposed them, was the bio “research” labs the alphabet agencies had going there. And how deeply involved HB and his “development and investment” company was involved.

HB knows nothing about gas and oil. And even less about biomedical research, and yet, there he was, wheeling and dealing in both. In Ukraine.

Still think this is about the Ukrainians in Odessa and Kyiv? Still think that smarmy little guy in the camo T-shirt is all about “his country?” ‘cause if you do….I will find a couple bridges and some swampland for you.

There are no heroes in Ukraine except the people themselves, who have been used as pawns between Russia and the West for a century. They are fighting for their country. Zelenskyy is a puppet for the WEF. Putin may be playing both sides and the middle.

But we are there because of Hunter Biden, John Kerry’s stepson, Mr. Heinz, and a lot of OUR tax dollars being illegally pumped into CIA bioweapons research and being laundered for the Pelosi/Romney/Bush crew.

So, when someone talks about wildeyedConspiracyTheorists — remember it was your tax dollars that were being laundered there, so that they could come back to line the pockets of the people we supposedly “elected” to “represent” US. And it’s not a political party thing, either. It is across the board. EVERYONE in WASHINGTON is on the TAKE.

Ask Madison Cawthorn. He saw it early and they are trying to discredit him for telling the truth. Ask Marjorie Taylor Green, another one in the “class of 2020” who sees the full scale corruption – and who is being smeared as a “terrorist.”

We are on the verge of global war to cover the duplicitous thievery of our own government. …

…and the global script of the NWO/WEF along with them. Because these thieves believe their pact with the devil will rule the world. They believe you and I are stupid pawns and that we will not stand up to them.

I don’t know. Are we?

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