do not be afraid

trust in God and STAND UP for FREEDOM

Some pretty wonky things are unfolding all over the planet.

If you are late to class, you may have missed the introduction of the WEF SCRIPT for total submission.

There’s no real class. Just a script, in fact. Do WHAT WE SAY. That’s it. The dry run was the mask&lockdown piece.

There will be NO Question & Answer session. No QUESTIONS AT ALL, in fact. Follow or lose everything.

Got it?

OR, we can ALL stop pretending the Emperor is wearing clothes.

That’s discomforting. Evidently, with the exception of criminals and paid protestors, most people like the “rules” so much they never even question them. A lot of us have been very disappointed to realize how unquestioning our fellow countrymen and women are. In all countries right now. Way too many followers. and the transition is going to be difficult for them. Even for us, the many who anticipate it, hope for it.

If there is a transition.

benediction (C) Carol Joy Shannon 2017

If we all lockstep into the SCRIPT, we would just move into WWIII because the cabal says so.

If we don’t do that, what transpires is going to be very alarming for a lot of people. Even those who aren’t sheeple might find things a little disconcerting.

We could still have war. But let’s hope not.

Let’s hope and pray that there are some sound heads and a few real leaders who aren’t bought.

Things are happening fast. Stay on your toes.

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