Boxing Day y’all!

and it doesn’t mean to hit anyone…

The Brits gave it to themselves to commemorate the successful conclusion of the Boxer Rebellion, if I’m not mistaken. But it’s really just to make sure you always have a holiday on the day after Christmas — that’s my theory!

A day to continue to relax and enjoy family and friends. Or a day to travel. Maybe a day to debrief.

I have my own reasons for liking it.

So ring the Sunday bells on Boxing Day this year. And move on to the next year with joy and abandon — I dare you!

Beat off the fear, and pray for those who can’t.

A lot of people we all know are going to be sick. Ole Joe was pretty crude about that, and he lied and said it was the unvaxxed who were getting sick, but a lot of people are going to be very sick, and many will die. The saddest part is that the sicknesses are going to arise from the supposed cure, which is destroying immune systems all around us. What we can do is pray for them, bring them chicken soup, and take precautions for cold season.

And surround yourself with the fearlessness of being saved and going to heaven. No matter what happens in our world. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but it’s stupid to be ignorant, too. A lot of things are going to be happening this winter that are probably going to be challenging.

I highly recommend at least one sit-down with the Big Guy in the Sky between now and New Year’s Day. Just ask for direction. You don’t even have to believe in the bigguyinthesky….I know that for a fact — God is still there waiting for you to ask for direction.

There’s never been a better time.


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