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the best part about “blogs” is that — for all intents and purposes — we are talking to ourselves….

…today I’m talking about community…that is actual people sort of community, not the online variety (though that is better than no community, just less reliable in a realistic sense.)

One of the objectives in the RecentResetRunUp was to isolate everyone. You weren’t supposed to leave your house in early 2020. It was like ebola. Then you could leave your house but only if you were wearing control devices on your face. So naturally the very fearful ramped that up and went about in hazmat suits, if they went about at all.

That kept everyone disrupted enough to steal the election. Then they threw the vaxxxeeens at all of us, and went from “offering” them to the most fearful first, the oldies, closer to death and clinging to life, offered to them first, then others. When enough people weren’t lining up, they started bribing, with free things and finally actual cash.

Then they issued proclamations ordering it.

And then, to further isolate us from each other, demonizing the greatUNvxxxed as being the problem. And separating that group from the other, compliant group. It is a classic script. Color revolution into full commie tyranny. In a year, under the guise of dreadful disease and possible death.

(Spoiler alert – death awaits us all. Or as Jim Morrison said, “no one here gets out alive.”)

So, no communities. No interacting with your neighbors and friends.

Except we never stopped.

We live in a state that has seceded once already, and we take our freedom seriously. So in JUNE of 2020, South Carolina was open for business. 2020. We were having none of it. I went out to eat every few weeks with two friends. In restaurants, inside or out. No masks.

No more problems than anyone else, either. Even tourism, adjusted for germophobic, but still open. Since June 2020.

So, our communities are more intact, perhaps, than some. Southerners like that. Community. We’re friendly.

I remember when I moved to the south from the northeast 54 years ago, and when I’d go back to Maine to visit family, friends would ask about “southern hospitality — isn’t it fake? All that ‘come back now, y’all” And my answer was always the same: no, but even if it was fake, it was better than no hospitality at all.

But most times it isn’t. Fake. Most times, it’s genuine.

When our Ford bodyshop owner invites us to his meemaw’s on Thanksgiving, he means we can come. He might not expect us to show up, but if we did, everybody would find another couple chairs, we’d get introduced all around, and settle in. And of course we’d bring something different to eat.

When we ask about “your ma’n’em” we mean it. Community.

My suggestion is to find yours and settle in. It would appear that the road ahead is likely to be rockier, rather than smoother. Those “infrastructure bills” aren’t going to be fixing real roads. No, they are geared toward more societal controls, so if you are not fortunate to live in a red state, you might want to consider it.

Living in blue states all over the world is going to be just like living in chyna. Social credit systems coming soon and vxUNvx is the first step to them.

Remember: the difference between “conspiracy theory” and “reality” is six months to a year.

Just saying.

So it will be helpful to have a community.

We were never sure why we ended up in this particular corner of the swamp 7 years ago, but the community was almost instant. Our neighbor’s parents invited us to Thanksgiving dinner that year, people we’d never met. We brought home-made cranberry sauce and a pie.

We’ll be seeing them all again this year, too. This year we’ll bring home-made cranberry sauce, two pies, home-made rolls, a card table and five chairs. Part of it will be outside. The Publix ad with the different ways families eat Thanksgiving dinners is so perfect: everything from card tables in the garage to fine china. It’s the people we share it with that make it the celebration.

These are people we can call if we are stranded on the highway, and they can call us. That is the difference between actual community and that online kind, not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld used to say. I read an article about friendships a few years back, and one of the questions was, “is there anyone you know that you could call at 3 am, to come and help you?” How good a friend you were, was contingent on having at least one of those. Because friendships are reciprocal.

Community means an interaction amongst a group. A cooperation. Give and take. Got your back and all that. We’ve always known about the concept and it used to be common. We got distracted by a pretend community, here….on the screen. And we don’t have to give this up, but we need to also have a group of actual people who we see, talk with, and with whom we share…thoughts, food, chairs, road assistance….

Those real people will be more and more important in the years to come. The “meta-verse” of the Borgzuck is not going to be enough to maintain life. Honest. There won’t be enough dope. Honest. You are going to need actual people.

Keep it in mind.

Celebrate Thanksgiving, with a co-worker at a tiny table like the Publix ad if that’s what it takes. In someone’s garage on card tables. Or on the best linen with the good glasses. And, if it is the only way you can or will — meet and raise a turkey leg online. But communicate with a community.

Stay human my friends.

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