Are we there yet?

Is it ONEWorld yet?

Are we at the end of something or the beginning of something else? Because it doesn’t feel like Kansas any more, Toto. It doesn’t feel like anything I recognize, do you?

My old blog was attached to my old art website and whatever I wrote about was limited to what current or potential collectors might like, might not like, might take offense to or be outraged.

But I am retired from “show business” and I have a lot of time to think, in the house in the swamp at the edge of civilization, and the critics will have to accept my viewpoints as just that, my viewpoints.

I promise to be more consistent with chatting about life with y’all than I’ve been in the past, both my side of things and responding to your responses. Hey, we’re all in this lifeboat of new realities, so we might as well compare notes.

See y’all tomorrow — I’m a morning person.

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