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living in my beloved Lowcountry, between the blackwater swamps and the saltmarshes, surrounded by pre-revolutionary history.....thinking about current events....painting the wonderful cities that make up our heroic country....hoping we can save it from apathy, and our enemies....pondering a life of adventure from the comfort of age

Living well is the best revenge*

* a quote from Gerald Murphy (see end) Jimmy Buffet did “A Pirate Looks at Forty” but a lot of us, including Jimmy, are now looking at a much bigger number, and it generates a certain degree of self-reflection. My … Continue reading

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Sorry, but all y’all can’t possibly move here…even if you want to!

Over the course of my life, I’ve had the good fortune to live in some of the world’s great places.  I grew up on the coast of Maine, lived all over the state of Florida, including Key West and Miami … Continue reading

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It’s been awhile….

…but sometimes it’s better to let some space settle in between thoughts!  Like a couple of years of space! No matter, no one reads this blog, anyway! What I’ve been thinking about lately is how the world has changed since … Continue reading

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what everyone wants   I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, what everyone wants.  It seems like everyone in America is on edge or talking about the rest who are.  I credit that to the election and the world … Continue reading

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9/11 then and now

On September 11th, 2001, I was working in the Regional Office of Habitat for Humanity in Apex, NC.  We had had our weekly meeting, ending with prayer, and were all at work at our  various projects when planes started hitting … Continue reading

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brave new world

Who knew that the brave new world would be so stupid? Who knew that the incredible freedom of living in a democracy would be jeopardized by “low information voters”? Who, among the founding fathers, who tried to anticipate all the … Continue reading

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Art and the new economy

I’ve been doing juried fine art festivals around the southeast and midwest for a number of years now.  It satisfies a lot of areas in the delicate balance of being a painter and making a living at it.  There are … Continue reading

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