Boxing Day y’all!

and it doesn’t mean to hit anyone… The Brits gave it to themselves to commemorate the successful conclusion of the Boxer Rebellion, if I’m not mistaken. But it’s really just to make sure you always have a holiday on the day after Christmas — that’s my theory! A day to continue to relax and enjoy… Continue reading Boxing Day y’all!

“I’ll be home for Christmas…”

depending on what we call home…. The old carol says “I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams.” I am home for Christmas. I’m usually home for Christmas these days, but that wasn’t always the case. And what I called “home” wasn’t always easy to define. Especially during my globe-circling years. But home… Continue reading “I’ll be home for Christmas…”

Merry Christmas y’all

It doesn’t matter if it is a day and a solstice purloined from pagans. Jesus was still born in a stable in Bethlehem. And the shepherds saw the stars flashing in the sky and heard the angels singing the praises to the Son of God. It doesn’t matter if you think Joseph was fooled by… Continue reading Merry Christmas y’all

Christmas music

some updates My little group of kind family and friends have enjoyed the music blog, but we forgot some biggies…. Trans Siberian Orchestra is a new standard. Not everyone’s cup off the samovar, but thrilling stuff! And Vince Guaraldi — the Peanuts Christmas Special soundtrack, from 1965! There’s no way to describe that music, really… Continue reading Christmas music

Christmas songs

not necessarily “carols” I know a thing or two about Christmas carols. I am one, after all. “Carol” originally meant “joyful song,” and also was originally a “circle dance.” I learned the dance part from an historical novel, because they kept referring to the heroine being asked to “dance to the carols.” I thought that… Continue reading Christmas songs

thinking in images

My husband doesn’t think in images, or if he does, they involve engineering diagrams. Right now I am painting a Christmas gift for him, a large canvas of a river cabin that he’s seen on the Combahee. It’s an iconic Lowcountry image, the river cabin with a porch out over the water. Like the long… Continue reading thinking in images

every day a gift

I wished a friend of mine a Happy Birthday this morning, via text, with emojis. He’s one of two other December birthday friends. (The other shares my day! A very unusual thing, as it is a Christmas holiday birthday, but more on that later.) My early December buddy is a relic of another age, like… Continue reading every day a gift

Some old school skills may need revisiting

We were fortunate to be invited to a long-standing family tradition this week. It’s not our family, though they feel like it now. And it’s not our tradition, though we plan to add it to them, God willing, going forward. We were invited to a cane press. And since neither of us has ever seen… Continue reading Some old school skills may need revisiting