Today is D-Day. There is never any “bank holiday” associated with it….but it’s an important day, nonetheless

Today is D-Day. It breaks my heart even now, to think of how brave those young men were for US and our freedom. Think of it. Wading into death for an ideal, values…risking your life to save people you’d never meet because it was the right thing to do.

There wasn’t even a whisper of today’s sophisticated warfare. It was bodies against bullets, numbers and tenacity against an entrenched enemy. But they believed in the importance of it.

Bless them all, every salty, cursing, hard-fighting, Bible-carrying, terrified, proud, solid, shaky, courageous man.

Those were real men. They were our fathers and grandfathers and they believed in GOD and COUNTRY and they were willing to give their lives for FAITH, FREEDOM and FAMILY.

About Carol Joy Shannon

A former sailor of the seven seas, living in my beloved Lowcountry, between the blackwater swamps and the saltmarshes, surrounded by pre-revolutionary history.....thinking about current events....painting dinosaurs and other whimsical animals for children, with the occasional abstract or new cityscape for my delightful collectors. The best thing about being a seasoned old salt is sitting down not running around, so...
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