the squirrels called their friends

Honestly, they did.

“My” squirrels are so fat they can hardly get up and down the tree. This, because I bribed them with corn so they wouldn’t steal expensive bird seed. They still steal the bird seed, but now they are gorging on deer corn.

And there’s more of them now. When I come out the back door, there are five or six who flee to the tree line, instead of the usual two or three.

I know when the deer eat the corn, because the ears stay where they are. The deer eat the kernels and leave. The squirrels try to drag the whole thing up the tree.

It’s really pretty funny.

I have to police the empty ears, or my honey will tell me about them, next time he is mowing. So, as I distribute fresh corn, I fling the empty ears out into the woods. When I can’t find them, I look to the nearest tree. Sure enough, there will be one or two ears, emptied of kernels or still being worked on. They’re so close to the bottom of the trunk, I wonder if they don’t get them part way up and then lose them. They especially like the ears with the husks still on…..

Darn, I’d love to have night vision cameras out there. It’s a wild and crazy place in the back yard in winter. Food is at a premium, even in a mild climate like ours. So even the feral cat looks at the corn.

I suppose I could put it up on deer high “tables, ” with squirrel baffles, but that wouldn’t stop raccoons, or possums. I’ve seen several foxes, too. And we’ve heard the bobcat.

And, while I haven’t seen any evidence for a month or so, we often have armadillos. You can make all the armadillo jokes you want, they are disgusting. And toxic. Christian or not, I am not a fan of every animal.

The last time I lived in Florida was 20 years ago, for two years on Hibiscus Island. Iguanas were already becoming a nuisance, but nothing like they are now. And now iguanas have swum to the Keys, as well. If I’d walked out into my Key West yard 35 years ago and seen an iguana on my deck, I wouldn’t have been nearly as fond of the place. Not to mention the new snake invasion in the Everglades. Jeez. You might as well move to Australia, where nearly everything will try to kill you.

So, perhaps I don’t need night vision cameras out into the far yard….

…There’s probably a critter or two I am just as well not knowing about.

About Carol Joy Shannon

A former sailor of the seven seas, living in my beloved Lowcountry, between the blackwater swamps and the saltmarshes, surrounded by pre-revolutionary history.....thinking about current events....painting dinosaurs and other whimsical animals for children, with the occasional abstract or new cityscape for my delightful collectors. The best thing about being a seasoned old salt is sitting down not running around, so...
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