I’m too old to fight

If y’all want to be communists, have at it. That is what it seems has happened in America. The communists won.

I’m very sorry to see that, because I’ve seen first hand the results of 50 years of communism in Eastern Europe. And in Cuba.

And I am looking straight into the eyes of the tyranny that is China.

China is Joe Biden.

Who is quickly sidelined by Kamala Harris.

It’s a slick move.

Good luck, America. You’re going to need it.

Or else you’ll just stay high all the time and watch America become Venezuela.

Good job Maine, NH, VT, CT, NY…wow. And thanks, too, to all the commies who moved out of cacaCA and flipped AZ. We’re lucky Charleston Yankees didn’t flip SC. Raleigh and Charlotte working hard to flip NC. Atlanta tipping GA.

Good job.

Oh, and if you were in the rallies of tens of thousands of Trump supporters all over America…wtf, huh? wtf..g.f?

I’m going to go out and battle the elements. I live in a swamp. I know what happens when you’re lazy. Jungle takes over.

Gonna go out on the back porch, put on my boots go tear down vines.

It’s what I thought America was going to do.

But as Ron White used to say, “I was WROOONNGGG…”

About Carol Joy Shannon

A former sailor of the seven seas, living in my beloved Lowcountry, between the blackwater swamps and the saltmarshes, surrounded by pre-revolutionary history.....thinking about current events....painting dinosaurs and other whimsical animals for children, with the occasional abstract or new cityscape for my delightful collectors. The best thing about being a seasoned old salt is sitting down not running around, so...
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