brave new world

Who knew that the brave new world would be so stupid?

Who knew that the incredible freedom of living in a democracy would be jeopardized by “low information voters”?

Who, among the founding fathers, who tried to anticipate all the pitfalls of participatory democracy, anticipated the utter ignorance and foolishness of the people?  The fact that a comfortable way of life would cloud their judgements.  The way their knee-jerk reactions to social media would endanger the very people who are supposed to protect us all? The way their shallow superficiality would endanger their very futures.

The autumn of 2015 is a difficult one for someone who has lived more than a half century.  I’m looking at 66 for 2016, and if I weren’t ready to go to heaven every day, I would be frantic with worry for this country.  As it is, I am very very concerned for our children.

The voters in the US have no clue.  They “love Hilary” because she is a woman.  That’s their only reason.  They have no clue what she stands for; they ignore her incredible lies and her callous regard for their own security, and they don’t care that both she and her Teflon husband are criminals.

The other option for Democrats is Bernie Sanders, a proud Socialist.  Really?

Or Joe Biden, a complete idiot, with a “nice way about him.”

Republicans, on the other hand, have embraced Donald Trump, who besides his business savvy, has one redeeming quality: his candor and lack of regard for the press.  While these are probably good things, and the fact that he is a successful businessman and could probably get America back to work, do we want an egotistical and emotional publicity hound facing off with Russia down the road?

Because we will be facing off with Russia.

And Iran.

Make no mistake.  The Great Appeaser, who occupies the White House right now, believes that if we show ourselves as weak and non-threatening, then the bullies of the world will leave us alone.  Are you kidding me?

The bullies of the world are giddy that we have abdicated our position as the world’s tower of strength and integrity.  They are planning our destruction every day.  They cannot believe that we elected a guy who doesn’t believe in his own country, and they are making hay, whether we see them or not. They are planning our demise while we are shaking their hands.

Iran giving up the future of nuclear weapons?  Yeah, right.  Those imams are speechless at the foolishness of our country.  Guess what – they lie.  It is built into their culture.  They have words that mean “by god I am telling the truth” but when you say it a certain way it means, “but you know I am lying.”  Why on earth would a country bent on destroying its neighbor Israel and us, the Great Satan, give up its best chance to do so?  They won’t.  They will hide it.

And Russia….don’t think this is the oblivious wonderland of the days after the wall came down.  Far from it.  Russia went through a long period of upheaval and then it reformed, with a bitter taste in its mouth because it was no longer a world power.  Vladimir Putin doesn’t work out every day because he’s planning to play nice.  Vladimir Putin is quietly building Russia back into the dominant power it was before the Soviet Union fell apart.  The Great Appeaser doesn’t see it, but that doesn’t mean we have to be oblivious.  The Russian people are totally behind this movement, and the Russian mafiya, which filled in the void after the Soviet Union, is behind it too.

We are living in a country that’s on drugs: watch TV, interact on social media…pretend that celebrities matter.  Care about the Kardashians.

And ignore reality.

I’m only going to be around a little longer.  5, 10, 15, 20 years for me.  But young people are inheriting a world they don’t even care to understand.  And they will suffer for it.

Sure, go ahead.  Elect a crook just because she’s a woman.  “It’s time we had a woman president.”  Well, it was time we had a black president, supposedly, and now race relations are worse than ever.  The Great Appeaser on the world front has been the Great Divider on the domestic front.  Instead of bringing us all together, he has inflamed race relations either by being silent, or empathizing with the wrong people –  so that now we have a war on police.  Really?  That is divisive, not inclusive.

When we no longer respect police, we are headed towards anarchy.

Perhaps that’s what Americans want, total anarchy.  But guess what?  If we have anarchy, you need to be armed, and the new Americans don’t want to hurt anything.  Guns are bad.  Bad people suck. Yes, they do.  So who is going to protect you from them when the police are gone.  Just because you hate police doesn’t mean bad people are going to disappear.  Sorry.

Got the picture yet?  No?  Don’t want to see it?  Join the club. Evidently most people in America don’t want to see it.

But pray that  people wake up before this time next year, and pray that the majority of people whack themselves up the side of the head in time to save us all.

I don’t know who is best for America in this ridiculous time, but I know it isn’t someone who has blinders on.  We live in a very dangerous world right now, and we have alienated our allies, while our enemies are laughing at us.  You can bury your heads in the sand and hope for the best, or you can be brave and take risks.

I’ve always been a risk taker.  It’s taken me to incredible places and given me amazing experiences.  Sometimes it’s been dangerous.  (I’ve been to the Middle East and to Communist countries, so I’m not just opinionizing here.) But I’ve never apologized for my own strength and I’ve never pretended to be weak in order to make people like me.  I don’t like to get pulled over for speeding any more than the next guy, but I know we need cops!  I’ve never taken welfare, even when I was poor.  And I’ve never not worked because it was easier.   Come on people – wake up!  We are losing the best country in the world because of apathy!

About Carol Joy Shannon

A former sailor of the seven seas, living in my beloved Lowcountry, between the blackwater swamps and the saltmarshes, surrounded by pre-revolutionary history.....thinking about current events....painting dinosaurs and other whimsical animals for children, with the occasional abstract or new cityscape for my delightful collectors. The best thing about being a seasoned old salt is sitting down not running around, so...
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