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My Background

I've traveled the world and lived in some incredible places.  When finally I settled down in the 21st Century, I started painting  those images.  I've been painting full time for 15 years, have owned a gallery, and traveled to hundreds of juried art events throughout the country.  I am blessed to have my work on walls in homes and offices all over the world, and am represented in the permanent collections of the Cities of Raleigh (NC) and Charleston (SC). I continue to paint full-time (it's NOT a "hobby"!), and continue to hone my craft, using new techniques and methods to better bring the images to canvas.

My Medium

My work is a combination of acrylic, graphite and sometimes mixed media, including photos and maps.  All images are my own, and occasionally I use reproductions of my original paintings in mixed media work.  All the work has structural elements, so even the abstract paintings suggest buildings.  But lately, since moving back to the Lowcountry, I've also created more atmospheric work. I believe original art adds value to every thing around it, and it should please you, and catch your eye every time you see it.

My Inspiration

When I started painting full time, I remembered the adage to writers, "write what you know." So I painted what I knew, and that was cities.  I've painted almost 100 of them now.  But I am inspired by everything I see, so I have a large body of abstracted landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, and even musical instruments.  In fact, I have painted (on) 4 actual guitars.  So, no idea you might have for a commission to fit your home is too far afield for me (except pets and people!)  The mixed media cities, in fact, are some of my favorites to create, using your favorite landmarks to inspire them. Since late last year, I have added a series called "Thank you for your service."  These paintings are small pieces which celebrate those who keep us all safe, from the military to first-responders, and have generated a number of custom pieces for very special gifts.

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Any of the original paintings can also be reproduced on paper. Please contact me directly for size information

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