Mid-Century Modern and mysterious landscapes

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Over 100 cities, as well as 100s of abstracted landscapes and wildlife and lots of variations thereof

I’ve been painting full time for almost 20 years, had a public studio in downtown Raleigh for 8 years, and owned a gallery there. I’ve traveled all over the great United States, participating in juried art events and meeting tens of thousands of people like you!

As of 2020, I am entertaining commissions and re-workings of existing pieces. There is a series of more than 20 dinosaurs, all new originals in various sizes which are available as prints at the GeoGalleries link below. In the works is a great little book, or two, of these. The next series of dinosaurs are very whimsical, for younger children.

My amazing collectors continue to commission new cities. Denver and a remix of Phoenix are available now as prints, and Minneapolis is on the work table.

Look at these collections first: http://www.geogalleries.com/CarolJoy

Click here for other prints and lifestyle items: https://carol-joy-shannon.pixels.com

And look for affordable books for adults and kids HERE!

Obviously, dinosaurs have become my new obsession. Watching a 4 year old, half a continent away, open a painting of a dinosaur by “Nanasaurus” is the best thing ever!

Diving into dinosaurs was the best thing I did in 2020. I wrote about it in “what I think about.”

Evidently the creativity thing is best enjoyed with another flavor, like writing. Songwriters pick up painting, and painters sometimes write. I encourage you all to do either or any other creative pursuit that brings you pleasure.

Thank you for your interest in my view of the world!