Mid-Century Modern and mysterious landscapes

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Cities and abstracts and dinosaurs — oh my!

I’ve been painting full time for almost 20 years, had a public studio in downtown Raleigh for 8 years, and owned a gallery there. I’ve traveled all over the great United States, participating in juried art events and meeting tens of thousands of people like you!

I have been retired from “show business” since 2019, but I still paint quite a bit, and have a few books available — dinosaurs and things — here

My amazing collectors continue to commission new cities. Denver and a remix of Phoenix are available now as prints, and Minneapolis.

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Diving into dinosaurs was the best thing I did in 2020. I write about it and other things behind the tab, “what I think about.”

Evidently the creativity thing is best enjoyed with another flavor, like writing. Songwriters pick up painting, and painters sometimes write. In 2021 I’ve been writing more than painting, but the paintings have been more fun for their lack of urgency…

..or need of commercial viability. I’ve actually been doing some intuitive abstracts again.

With the social experiment happening around us, encouraging staying close to home, I encourage you all to pursue any creative pursuit that brings you pleasure. Don’t worry about being “good at it.” Just enjoy it. Bob Ross says there are “no mistakes in art…just happy accidents.”

Anything creative is worth doing for the experience alone. It’s very therapeutic to stand in the back yard and fling paint at canvas. It’s even therapeutic to spray paint canvas. In fact, that’s a good one. Get a really large piece of something, even an old tarp, and some spray paint cans in different colors and have at it. Just see what happens. You can go out back and spray paint graffiti and get a lot our of your system. LOL. One of my most successful paintings was done in about 4 hours of intense emotional output. It’s still one of my favorites, because it didn’t come out at all like I was feeling!

Or go online, get a paint sampler and some inexpensive brushes, and a package of at least 3 canvases. It’s getting warmer now, so if you don’t have room inside you can paint on your porch…#justsayin

If you don’t like the results but like the process….stick with it. You never know. My signature work and style of painting cities evolved from the theory of 10,000 hours. Look it up. Malcolm Gladwell wrote about it.

Thank you for looking, and for your interest in my view of the world!